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Business: Accept payments on your store.
Individuals: Shop safely with purchase protection.
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Send and Receive money

Send and Receive money instantly to Or from any country in the world

Comprehensive E-wallet

A comprehensive E-wallet that allows you to track your transactions with details and gives you an instant statement

Accept payments

Accept payments on your Store Or website and get instant money in your wallet

Payment request

Send invoices for payment to your customers by email directly from your account

Secure purchases

We will refund your money after payment if you do not receive the declared goods / service from merchants

API Notifications

Easy HTML code to integrate and API Notifications for you Store Payments

Shopping from stores around the world


Just choose PaySilk As a payment method

1 Create a business account

Create a business account just by one step to get your account.

2 Verify Account

From your account, request account verification for accept Payments on your Website.

3 Accept Payments

Add Paysilk payment gateway to your site or store and start accepting payments from your customers.

1 Send Payments and shopping Free

Send funds to PaySilk accounts instantly. Transaction is executed instantly Free.

2 Transaction protection

Money transfer can be protected by special code. Recipient will not be able to receive funds before entering protection code.

3 Buyer Protection

Buyer Protection Program help you to refund your money or part if you do not receive purchases from the merchants.