Paysilk Virtual Prepaid card

Safe to buy from the Internet, safe to pay to merchants, safe for gifts to family and friends.
Instantly create .. Instantly send .. Instantly recharge.
  • EWallet
Make your family happy
  • Paysilk
Make your friends happy


Unlimited Cards

There are no limits - the user can create and pay a voucher for any amount. The means of balance are used


Multiple currencies

The voucher uses any available currencies of your Paysilk. When activated, funds are credited in your account.


Fee money transfer

Activate Card and add the balance to the account is free .. Fees only for the creator of the card


Safe for shopping and pay to merchants

The merchants will never know your information , your information is safe and stored in our records.


Instant transaction

Creation and activation of the voucher is performed instantly. This is a convenient method of deposit between users


Status tracking

The voucher creator can track the activation status. He can at any time independently activate the voucher and cancel it Or refund money to his account.