Supplier relationship

We build excellent relationships with suppliers to maintain a safe shopping community
You can be a supplier of Paysilk cards in your country or website
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Paysilk is working to build successful relationships from suppliers or service providers, which allow the shopper to recharge his account balance to shop and securely .

These cards are virtual cards that can be used to recharge Paysilk accounts only. It does not work on any system other than Paysilk .

If you are interested in building a business partnership with Paysilk and providing a Paysilk Prepaid Card service, we are happy to receive your order for that .


Supplier relationship

We build excellent relationships with suppliers to maintain a secure shopping community, and we contract suppliers with prepaid prepaid card providers with licensed companies only.


Choose your preferred currency

The supplier can choose cards in the currency that suits his or her clients, among the currencies approved in the Paysilk system (you can view the currencies through your account).



The supplier can charge service fees on Paysilk cards not exceeding 2.50% of the total value of the single card, as per the market request, may be 1.50%, 2.00% or 2.50% as the maximum is approved by the same supplier for competition.


Recharge the customer's balance

Add Customer balance is a free service , and the supplier is never entitled to charge it.


Delivery of cards to customers

The right of the supplier to determine the manner in which the cards are delivered to customers either hand to hand or through a website online with clearly indicating the time period for delivery of cards to customers.


Online Recharge gateway

Paysilk offers free online cards Recharge gateway for suppliers, so the supplier enters the card number and loads the customer's balance online by providing only the customer's account number .

Submit an application for approval of an official supplier

We are happy to receive your orders as suppliers by clicking on the Submit Suppliers button below and selecting the suppliers section. We will contact you again to complete the supplier procedures ... usually fast.